Monday, 2 April 2012

Ambridge Round Up- the Archers in March

Walking in a Wimmin's Wonderland.....

One of the big surprises in the farming world of the Archers is how few Conservative voters there are. Brian and his air-headed wife Jennifer presumably are, but Brian is seen very much as the big, bad agri-bully down Ambridge way whilst Jennifer whiles away her time either shopping or fussing over her grown up children, all whom have been sired by different men.

We suspect Matt, a Jack-the-lad wheeler-dealer, also has strong Tory leanings yet he has been to jail, declared bankrupt, lost his business empire and was even rejected by his long lost mother in the brief time he has been part of the programme. Lynda Snell, being from Sunningdale, may also be a Tory voter but she too has suffered the ignominy of having to take a menial job having once enjoyed the trappings of success brought about by being the wife of a millionaire.  

It is impossible to avoid the fact that the Archers script writing team is not at all fond of Tory sympathisers. However, it is hugely fond of feisty women with green credentials. It seems to revere them as this month's Ambridge miracles aptly demonstrate.

First David Archer, a hot headed clod at the best of times, was all for selling his dairy herd- generations of which have been on Brookfield land since Cnut Archer first washed up the Am and decided that he had had enough of rape and pillage. Ruth, as she often does at times of crisis had hysterics before coming up with a cunning plan. 'It might just work' murmured an aghast David, who became even more aghast when another female, this one even more a specialist on dairy cow manbagement than Ruth, turned up to tell them how their entire business will be transformed by grazing the cows at different times. David, being a bloke, and possibly even a Tory is far too thick to have worked this out for himself.

Over at the Bridge Farm miracle centre an e-coli outbreak, nearly killing two children has been overcome by holding a couple of receptions and renaming the Bridge Farm products. Having the world's most understanding and atypical bank manager must also help as the Bridge Farm crew, led by feisty lefty Pat, once again start to enjoy a healthy income from organic pork and vegetable sales despite a downturn in the rest of the UK organic market during 2011.

Pat is ably assisted by her feisty, green daughter Helen as are so many others in the village sisterhood. Pip is regarded as something of a genius by doting parents, David and Ruth; Fallon holds the village pub together when mother Jolene is having a touch of the vapours, whilst Elizabeth single handedly propped up Lower Loxley well before husband, arch Tory, landowner and general all round chump Nigel Pargetter tumbled to his death.

Ambridge is no place to be either male or a Conservative if you want to succeed.

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amanda white said...

I am not sure about the Snell woman's political leanings - I could see her voting for the Green Party, though it might bring on an attack of her famous hay fever. Making it then, of course, the Greed Party.

In which case the Reverend Bunter wouldnt need much persuasion to join them. Especially if they were handing out free tofu and lentil yogurts as environmentally friendly bribes.

I see Phlegmy Joe Grunday as veering towards the Screaming Loony Party.
Goodness knows why.